Andrew Turnbull
 Excellent experience with Jason. He was helpful, knowledgeable, and available when needed. 100% complete satisfaction. He made our choice to try to Sell By Owner a good one, a no-brainer. No, actually, a "brainer"! I highly recommend Jason and Here's some more info about our experience. It's purely anecdotal. We held six open houses on three consecutive weekends in August 2018 and had around 25 visitors. Roughly 80% of the people who came to the open houses did so withOUT a Buyer's Agent. Now, those numbers seem odd to me. Our open houses were scheduled well in advance and they were published on all the usual real estate websites - Redfin, Zillow, MLS, Realtor, and at least one other whose name escapes me at the moment. In other words, EVERY buyer's agent in the area likely was aware of the open houses. And yet...80% of our open house visitors came without buyers agents. That suggests to me that buyers agents are biased against Fizbos. It seems to me that if you go the Fizbo route, your best prospects are likely to be people who don't use or aren't using a buyers agent. So, it also seems to me that setting a standard buyers agent commission percentage may not be the best thing to do. We set our percentage at 3%, which is exactly what a buyers agent would receive for selling a house that some other agent had listed. And yet...80% of our open house visitors were NOT represented by buyers agents. Why not? If a buyers agent would earn a 3% commission for selling our house to their client, why would it matter to them whether our house was listed by some other agent or listed by us, the owners? My conclusion: because there's an unspoken bias among agents against Fizbos and that they would rather direct their clients to other agents' listings instead. This matters, in my opinion, because it seems to me that setting the buyers agent commission at 3% is throwing away money. If I were to do this again, I would probably set it lower than 3%. Maybe even at half that. After all, 80% of the people who came to my open houses - including the eventual buyer - came on their own, from having seen the open houses on the road signs or on the real estate websites. The 3% commission I set apparently did little to incentivize buyers agents to show our house to their clients. So that's one person's experience. I hope it's helpful.
Tina Buiniskas

3 months ago
 Sold two homes this year. One in FL & one in ME. Two different FSBI companies. So much easier & smoother with Jason on the ME sale which no brokers were involved either side. Thank you Tina
Sebago Bait

3 months ago
 Great service, answers questions promptly. Site is very easy to use. Sold 2 houses using this service quickly and saved a bunch of money. Highly recommend.
Nicholas Sherman

4 months ago
 Easy website to navigate. Systematic processes. Emailed reminders. Very efficient and streamlined process. Highly recommended.
Mark Gove

4 months ago
 Highly Recommend! The website interface was easy to work with. Jason's response time for questions was very quick. Do not hesitate to try this service. 5 stars!!!! My one bit of advise is do not go to low on the commission rate. All of our showings came from the sellers agent.
James Foster

5 months ago
 Helpful, easy and stress free. Highly recommend
Charles N. Ek

7 months ago
 We closed the sale of our home yesterday. Yes, the result is what matters, but so does the process. From my initial contact with Jason Saphire to the closing, he was rapidly available and responsive. If you’re comfortable with this method of selling your home, I cannot imagine why you’d choose someone else.
Dan O'sullivan

7 months ago
 Great service and easy to list with Entry Only.
Crystal Martin

7 months ago
Ron McGlinchey

7 months ago
 We sold our house in 2 days through entryonly. Jason was attentive to details and he responds to emails in seconds. Very pleased!
Jim Fichera

7 months ago
 Great service! Jason and his team are super easy to work with! I had great success and had multiple offers in the first two days.
Jessica Knight White

7 months ago
Kristin Ausanka Cefalo

8 months ago
 I used Jason to list my home and he was excellent to work with! Very quick to answer my inquiries and insightful as well. We sold our home for well over asking price after just one weekend on the market. We saved a ton of money. All you need it a little time and organization and you can do it yourself 🙂 I fully appreciate Jason's help and highly recommend him to others!
Christopher Andrade

8 months ago
 My wife and i used entryonly to sell our house in 2015! we had amazing success using the service which was extremely affordable especially in comparison to what a realtor charges for commission. We did the max price which includes listing on all major home realtor sites. we ended up having someone come in realtor free which allowed us to net the full profit of the house sale. however you need to realize that realtors will only show their clients homes in which the seller is willing to pay the split realtor fee (negotiable but usually 2.5-3%. The web site was easy to use and edit. i would definitely recommend the service to friends.
Russell Carter

8 months ago
 Listed and sold my first home very quickly with Jason's help. Was there if I needed anything! Everything was done in a quick and timely manner. Was able to get the house sold within two weeks of listing.
Nancy Bickford

8 months ago
 I listed my house on entryonly on a Saturday and got a call on Sunday for a showing. We agreed to the selling price on Monday. super easy and amazing results!
Ed Dombrowski

8 months ago
 Only use Jason's service if you want to save thousands of $$$! Seriously, if you have a pretty good handle on what your home is worth (what it actually will sell for!), and you can clear clutter for a good showing, why pay commissions? Thanks Jason!
Kyle Bouffard

8 months ago
 I have sold multiple properties with Entryonly Saved myself thousands of dollars every time. Its quick, easy and no more work then listing with a traditional agent. I recommend entryonly to everyone that i know is selling a house.
Ashley Harris

8 months ago
 I was hesitant to use the service at first because I had never sold a house before. I had a lot of questions and Jason was prompt in getting back to me. It saved us a ton of money in fees and sold our house in 8 hours! Would definitely use again!
Erlene Morgan

9 months ago
 This is a great way to sell property you deal with one realtor which means you get the information faster that you need to get the sale done for the purchase. It was easy fast convenient and cheap. Thank you Jason
Joe Petrowsky

a year ago
 I saved $24,875, it just doesn't get any better than that. Entryonly entered my listing into MLS, there were 4 showings in 5 days and two offers, one of which was at full price. Jason, keep up the great work! Joe Petrowsky
Julie Manning

a year ago
 Jason was so quick to respond, make on the fly changes for us and keep us updated with reminders of what we needed to do. Great experience working with him. It made selling our home ourselves and getting listed on the MLS so easy! Thanks Jason!
Dave Celone

a year ago
 Jason is thorough and knowledgeable. Ask him any question about your real estate transaction and he'll have the answer. The process he's developed is straightforward, and email reminders leading up to closing we're clear and directive. Now the house is sold and we're thrilled to have used Jason's services.
Gary Holmes

a year ago
 I See im not the only 1 in love with EntryOnly. Great site, Easy to use. I just sold house #4 today it s been a great year. Thank you
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