How To Get Into The Home You Wish To See

This is perhaps the most difficult part of earning your Home Buyer Rebate and where you earn your home buyer rebate!

Open houses are the easiest way to get in. However, most buyers want to get in asap when they find a home.

Remember:  The listing agent works for the seller. They are typically NOT there to show homes to buyers unless it is their buyer. The buyers agent (Hi-Tech Realty) works for you, the buyer. Typically, the buyers agent contacts the listing agent to set up a showing.

If you can imagine, if you contact a listing agent and ask them to get you into a home their typical response is, "Have your agent schedule this".

We at Hi-Tech Realty will assist you - if you should ever have difficulty in viewing a property you wish to view.  Conversely, you can visit any property without us - and work with the listing agent.  Just make sure you deliver to them the "Smart Buyer, We're Represented" form at the very beginning - so that the Buyer Rebate Plan is active!